Month: May 2018

Reduction of the Current to Empty

To reduce the no-load current in the core, a good quality material may be used in its construction, which will also decrease the magnetization power and the loss power while maintaining the magnetic flux. However, this method has a reasonable limit.

Applying special materials such as permalloy, for example, the vacuum current could be greatly reduced, but the high cost would not compensate the gain, because the voltage drops caused by the vacuum current are only a group of contributors to the errors of a TP.

As a rule, good grade silicon iron is used in TP-s of industrial applications (class 0.3 – 0.6 – 1.2), and for TP-s for laboratory (or standards) applications, it employs more noble materials, such as silicon with magnetic orientation.

To reduce the errors of a TP, the most efficient method is the reduction of internal impedances, which can be reduced by a correct sizing. Therefore, a TP is nothing more than an oversized power transformer.               overload clutch orc3spclp29

To characterize this, we talk about the “limiting power” of a TP, which is the power at which a TP can stand and function as a power transformer. The limiting power (Pl) is n times greater than the nominal power (Pn) of a TP.



Valorizar imóvel com o aquecedor solar

Sabia que ter um aquecedor solar no seu apartamento para alugar em sorocaba pode render bons frutos no futuro? Confira na íntegra como é possível você valorizar imóvel com aquecedor solar.

Primeiramente, vale lembrar que o aquecedor solar utiliza a tecnologia dos painéis fotovoltaicos para a absorção dos raios solares – com isso a água é aquecida e armazenada em um reservatório. Na hora do banho, haverá um registro específico que fará uso dessa água já aquecida no chuveiro do banheiro.

Sabendo de tudo isso, vamos direto ao ponto:

Valorizar imóvel com aquecedor solar

Quando você adquire um sistema desses, inevitavelmente está ajudando a valorizar o imóvel com aquecedor solar, pois esse sistema tem a durabilidade que pode chegar tranquilamente aos 25 anos – sabendo-se do fato que o valor gerado em economia paga o preço investido na compra do equipamento em cerca de aproximadamente dois anos.

Ou seja, todo o valor excedente após alcançar o ponto de equilíbrio significa economia direta para o seu bolso – e os compradores sabem muito bem disso. Por isso é possível valorizar o imóvel com aquecedor solar!

The Use of the Permanent Capacitor

In motors with a permanent capacitor, the auxiliary winding and the capacitor lie permanently energized, and the capacitor is of the electrostatic type. The main effect that can be expected from this capacitor is the creation of the correct flow conditions, very similar to the conditions found in the polyphase motors, increasing in this way, the maximum torque, the efficiency and also the power factor, not counting the slight decrease of the noise produced.

It should be noted that the starting torque must be identical or inferior in comparison to the split phase motor, remaining approximately 50% to 100% of the nominal torque, being a prime factor to limit its application to equipment and devices, which do not need high starting torque.         boston gear

These parameters include fans, blowers, machines found in the office, exhaust fans, centrifugal pumps, grinders, small saws, drills, sewing machines and sprayers, among others.

Consequently, permanent capacitor motors are significantly smaller in size and are still maintenance-free, considering that they do not need to use contacts and moving parts, just like in previous motors.