Month: November 2017

Bearing Oil Levels

It is extremely important to note that in engines with bearings that are properly lubricated with oil, the same must be exchanged at the moment the engine is completely at rest, respecting the specific processes so that the exchange can be performed in a satisfactory manner. The oil inlet breather component must be opened, the oil outlet plug removed, and the valve opened carefully so that all the oil can be drained.

Immediately after the completion of the drainage process, the valve must be carefully closed and the plug must be relocated. After this process, it is necessary to fill the compartment with the quantity and specification of the oil, indicated on the nameplate, and check the oil level, which should always be in the middle of the display.

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This means that the breather of the oil inlet must be closed and it must be ensured that there is no leakage and that all of its unused threaded holes are properly closed. The oil change of the bearings must be performed within the interval specified on the nameplate, or in case the lubricant has any significant changes in its specifications, such as pH and texture, for example.