Month: June 2017

Electrical Commands – Circuits

Understanding the operation of a circuit is extremely important to know the devices on the control panels. Panels have high capacity buses that can expose people to dangerous situations.

The operating circuits are divided into command and power, which will allow operator safety and circuit automation. Below we describe the botoeira devices and the contactors.

Button or command button: To connect an electric motor, we soon think of a key to turn it on. In the industrial key or button, there is a return to the rest position, made by means of a spring. The understanding of this concept is indispensable to understand why the existence of a seal in the control circuit.

bearings inserts at mro supply

Contactors: These are devices for mechanical maneuvering, which are electromagnetically actuated and may be power contactors or auxiliaries. It is worth observing in the use of the contactors, the sparks produced by the impact that happen during the switching of the contacts. This will promote their natural wear and tear, and pose risks to human health. The intensity of the sparks can be aggravated in humid environments and also due to the intensity of electrical current that circulates in the panel.