Month: May 2017

DC Motors with Compound Excitation

Electric motors with compound excitation are used where there is a need to achieve constant speed, even with extreme load variations.

The composite engine makes it possible to take advantage of the high torque of the series connection without the speed shots even at low loads or no load and to use the low engine speed variation under different load situations.

These types of motors NJ 317 ECJ combine the best of the parallel link with the best of the serial link, which is the composite link. We achieved optimum parallel engine speed regulation with the excellent starting torque of the series engine.

We can say that depending on the application, DC drives are those that present the greatest benefits, reliability, friendly operation and dynamic control, such as:

– operation in four quadrants with relatively lower costs;

– the continuous cycle even at low rotations;

– high torque at start and low revs; Wide variation of speed;

– ease of speed control; AC / DC converters require less space;

– flexibility (different types of excitation); Relative simplicity of modern AC / DC converters.