Month: February 2017

Technological Advancement of Electric Motors

Throughout history, many have made their contribution towards developing the electric motor. In 1600 the English William Gilbert; In 1663 the German Otto Guericke; In 1774 the Swiss Martin Plant; The Italian Alois Galvani in 1786, the Italian Alessandro Volta in 1799, the Danish Hans Christian Öersted in 1820, the English William Sturgeon in 1825 and the Englishman Michael Faraday in 1831.

In 1832 the Italian S. Dal Negro; In 1833 the English W. Ritchie, in 1838 the German Moritz Hermann von Jacobi.

In 1856 the German Werner Siemens built a current generator with double induced T and in 1866, which may be considered the year of the birth of the electric machine, Siemens invented the first self-induced DC generator.

Many others after these, were also part of the history of the electric motor.

In 1879 Siemens & Halske presented the first electric locomotive. In 1885 the Italian Galileo Ferraris built the two-phase AC motor. In 1887 the Yugoslav Nicola Tesla, the biphasic induction motor and in 1889 the Russian MD Dobrowolsky, asynchronous motors.

Since the birth of the electric motor, it has been remarkable the record of its technological advance.